37 - 40.5 GHz Dual Channel GaN Front End Module


    • Frequency Range: 37 - 40.5 GHz
    • RX Noise Figure: 4.2dB
    • RX Small Signal Gain: 18dB
    • RX Output TOI: 17 dBm
    • TX Small Signal Gain: 23dB
    • TX Saturated Power: 33dBm
    • TX Linearity: 4% EVM @ 24 dBm average Pout (1)
    • TX PAE: 7% @ 24 dBm average Pout (1)
    • Package Dimensions: 4.5 x 6.0 x 1.8 mm

    Performance is typical at room temperature.
    (1) - OFDM, 400 MHz modulation bandwidth, 64QAM.

    The QPF4005 is a dual-channel multi-function Gallium Nitride MMIC front-end module targeted for 39GHz phased array 5G base stations and terminals.  For each channel a multi-function MMIC die combines a low noise amplifier, a low insertion-loss high-isolation TR switch, and a high-gain high-efficiency multi-stage PA.

    The QPF4005 operates from 37 GHz to 40.5 GHz range. The receive path (LNA + T/R SW) is designed to provide 15dB of gain and a noise figure less than 4.5dB. The transmit path (PA + T/R SW) provides 18 dB of small signal gain and a saturated output power of 2W each channel.

    The compact 4.5 mm x 6.0 mm surface mount package configuration is designed to meet the tight lattice spacing requirements and support multi-channel/dual-polarization phased array applications.

    The QPF4005 is fabricated on Qorvo's 0.15um GaN on SiC process. It is housed in an air-cavity laminate package with an embedded copper heat slug. The copper slug, coupled with a low thermal resistance die-attach process, allows the QPF4005 to operate at the extreme case temperatures needed in phased array applications.


      • 5G Wireless Base Stations and Terminals
      • Point to Point Communications
    频率最小值(GHz) 37
    频率最大值(GHz) 40.5
    Tx 增益(dB) 23
    Tx Psat(W) 2
    Tx 电压(V) 20
    Tx 电流(mA) 159
    Rx 增益(dB) 18
    Rx NF(dB) 4.2
    Rx 电压(V) 20
    Rx 电流(mA) 15
    封装类型 Laminate SMP
    封装(mm) 4.5 x 6.0 x 1.8
    RoHS Yes
    Lead Free Yes
    Halogen Free Yes
    ITAR Restricted No


    • 应用 > 网络基础设施 > 无线基础设施 > 5G > 5G mmWave Massive MIMO

      5G mmWave Massive MIMO