Reasons to work at Qorvo® go well beyond just "work." Here are 10 reasons that make Qorvo a special place and, ultimately, help us make a better world possible.

    1. You'll Have an Impact on the World Around You

    Qorvo is all around you. Our technology is in products that add value to your life every day — from cell phones to reach family, to radars that help protect countries around the world. Whether you are directly designing products, marketing to get the word out or recruiting the best talent, you have an impact on the products and objects that connect the world.

    We Are Qorvo

    2. You'll Work in a Growing Industry

    According to Gartner and IDC, 25 billion objects will be connected by 2020. That's 20 billion more than in 2016. Most of these objects depend on RF to transmit data — from fleet management and transportation, to smart meters, fitness wearables, connected cars and point-of-sale products. That's a lot of opportunity, and it's only a portion of Qorvo's market.

    3. You'll Work for a Company with a Big Track Record and Small Company Feel

    Qorvo is more than 8,000 employees strong. It has the history and proven track record of a big company and the financial stability to invest in tools, your education and your workspace. Yet, it's small enough where employees can make a difference and see the direct effect they have on a technology, product or project — and be recognized for their efforts.

    4. You'll Work in a Dynamic Environment

    The way the world communicates and connects is constantly changing. Because our technologies and solutions advance the world around you, we don't need to keep the pace — we stay two steps ahead of it. Given our role in shaping communications, no two days are the same at Qorvo.

    5. You'll Be Able to Take Care of You — and Your Family

    Qorvo offers comprehensive benefits — from specialized wellness programs and health care coverage to the ability to purchase stock at a discounted price. We've even been recognized multiple times in "Top Companies for Working Families in Central Florida." However, the benefit that sets us apart is four weeks of paid time off. Imagine what you can do in those four weeks — travel, visit family, work on your hobby or just relax at home.

    6. You'll Work with People Who Truly Care

    It's difficult for us to find the right words to describe the Qorvo environment. It's more of a feeling you get during the day, every day. There is a special camaraderie — everyone lends a hand when needed to achieve success. When we asked several Qorvo interns why they took a permanent position with Qorvo, the number one answer was the support and mentorship they received from their fellow employees.

    7. You'll Be Part of an Award-Winning Company

    Since its inception in January 2015, Qorvo has received numerous awards — from innovation and quality to technical support and product support. Our awards span across our markets and product lines, including our RF Fusion™ products for smartphones and our GaN technology, and we've even been recognized as Oregon's "Technology Company of the Year."

    8. You'll Have Opportunities to Grow Your Career

    At Qorvo, it's not just a job — it's a career path. Qorvo's management recognizes the excellence of our employees and cultivates growth opportunities. And regardless of whether you start your career in engineering, finance or another discipline, Qorvo encourages cross-functional training and provides opportunities to move into other areas of the company.

    9. You'll Get to Work Amongst Heroes

    Qorvo is honored to employ a variety of military reservists and veterans. Their military training, experience and leadership skills offer a unique perspective from which we all can learn and thrive.

    10. You'll Get to Give Back

    Each of our locations is committed to making a difference in our communities. From backpack and school supply donations to 5K health runs and employer matching for disaster relief funds, we strive to be involved. See how we deliver the Qorvo Cares spirit.

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      Qorvo honors diversity and is committed to ensuring that at Qorvo everyone is equally championed, valued, included, and understood.
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