All staffing agencies must have a current signed agreement with the Qorvo HR staffing department. This agreement governs how searches are assigned to external recruiting firms and how candidates are submitted to Qorvo. Submission of any candidate by staffing agencies who do not have approval from HR to recruit for a position and who do not have a signed contract with Qorvo HR staffing, will be considered sourced by Qorvo. Qorvo retains all rights and privileges extending thereto and no compensation in any form shall be owed by Qorvo to any submitting party.

    Direct Placement Agencies

    Qorvo primarily uses staffing agencies on a contingency fee-based model. All agencies are vetted by the Qorvo staffing team and must work with an HR staffing representative, in partnership, throughout the completion of the assigned search.

    Recruiting Specialization

    Rarely do we look for "generalist" staffing agencies who can recruit from A-Z talent. When looking at new agencies, we may ask, "How many of this type of position have you filled here in this location over the last 12 months?" The more details you can provide, the better.

    Temporary Worker Agencies (not 1099 or consultants or consulting firms)

    Qorvo has primary vendor relationships at all of our sites. Any new agencies wishing to partner with Qorvo must follow the process outlined above, or sign an agreement with the approved vendor at that location.

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    我所在的代理机构如何才能成为 Qorvo 的合作伙伴?
    Qorvo 目前未在招募新的招聘合作伙伴;不过我们很乐意获得您的信息。如果将来有机会与您合作,我们会联系您。要提交您的代理信息,请发送电子邮件至人力资源团队
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