5 - 100 MHz, 38 dB Low Current Si Reverse Hybrid Amplifier


    • Excellent Linearity
    • Superior Return Loss Performance
    • Extremely Low Distortion
    • Optimal Reliability, Low Noise
    • Unconditionally Stable Under All Terminations
    • 38dB Typ. Gain at 100MHz
    • 160mA Max. at 24VDC

    Qorvo's RFRP2920 is a hybrid reverse amplifier. It has extremely low distortion and superior return loss performance. The part also provides optimal reliability with low noise and is well suited for 5MHz to 100MHz CATV amplifiers for reverse channel systems.

    类型 Upstream
    频率最小值(MHz) 5
    频率最大值(MHz) 100
    增益(dB) 38.3
    Pout(dBmV) 50
    CSO(dBc) -70
    CTB(dBc) -72
    NF(dB) 3.8
    电压(V) 24
    电流(mA) 158
    封装类型 SOT115J
    ECCN EAR99


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