High Gain High Linearity Driver Amplifier


    • 1.8 – 5.0 GHz Operational
    • 50 ohm Matched RF Input and Output
    • 1 dB Gain Flatness over 1 GHz Bandwidth
    • +22 dBm P1dB
    • +35 dBm Output IP3
    • 29 dB Gain
    • +5 V Single Supply, IDD 96 mA
    • DC Power Shutdown Feature
    • Small 3 x 3 mm QFN Package

    The QPA9120 is a wideband, high gain, and high linearity driver amplifier in a low-cost, RoHS compliant 3x3 mm QFN package. With Qorvo’s E-pHEMT process, this amplifier delivers exceptional performance with 36 dBm output 3rd order intercept (OIP3) power and 22 dBm output 1dB compression (OP1dB) power while consuming less than 100 mA DC current with single 5V supply.

    The QPA9120 incorporates on-chip features with fast DC power shutdown, externally configurable device DC operation current, and is internally matched.

    The QPA9120 is targeted for use as a pre-driver amplifier for wireless infrastructure where high linearity, medium RF power with efficient DC power operation are required. The device is an excellent choice for 5G dense-array m-MIMO radio applications.


      • 5G m-MIMO
      • Mobile Infrastructure
      • Repeater / DAS
      • General Purpose Wireless
      • TDD / FDD System
    频率最小值(MHz) 1,800
    频率最大值(MHz) 5,000
    增益(dB) 29
    OP1dB(dBm) 22
    OIP3(dBm) 35
    NF(dB) 1.5
    电压(V) 5
    电流(mA) 96
    封装类型 QFN
    封装(mm) 3x3
    RoHS Yes
    Lead Free Yes
    Halogen Free Yes


    • 应用 > 网络基础设施 > 无线基础设施 > 5G > 5G Sub-6 GHz Massive MIMO

      5G Sub-6 GHz Massive MIMO