Transmit Module with 3 Antenna Outputs and Sixteen TRX Ports


    • Three Antenna Ports
    • Seven LB TRX Ports
    • Five MB TRX Ports
    • Four HB TRX Ports
    • 2G PA with Vramp and P_in Control
    • MIPI RFFE Digital Control

    The QM57508 is a Transmit / Receive Module containing LB and MB 2G Power Amplifiers, 16 Tx / Rx Switch Ports, 3 Antenna and 2 Coupled Output Ports. The amplifiers supports GSM and EDGE Class 12 covering GSM850/GSM900 and DCS1800/PCS1900 bands. The MB 2G portion also supports Band 34 / 39 TD-SCDMA and TDD LTE capability.

    The 16 Tx / Rx switch ports provides Low Insertion Loss / High Isolation paths to support 2G GSM/EDGE, 3G UMTS and 4G LTE Bands. The low band section has 7 TRX ports, the mid band section has 5 TRX ports and the high band section has 4 TRX ports. Each switch has a corresponding antenna output (LB_MB_HB). There is also a 3P2T switch, which supplies any antenna port to either coupled port. (CPL_1 / CPL_2) A MIPI RFFE controller operates all functions including selection of PA Band / Mode / Bias and Switch Configurations.


      • Mobile Phones
    标准 2G, 4G, 5G
    频段 GSM, 850, 900, DCS, PCS
    Tx 端口(#) 13
    封装类型 Leadless SMT
    封装(mm) 5.5 x 5.5 x 0.7